Drawing again

So, for those of you that think I’ve been a slacker….you’re right. I haven’t really been doing much of anything in the studio for months.  I have recently begun to prep myself for the winter painting months ahead and started to do some drawing…

Some sketching this week.

Just so you know I haven’t abandoned the studio, again…  🙂   I’ve decided to spend some time drawing, for a couple of reasons. First, I needed it. Really felt that my figure skills had gone completely away. I’ve spent so much time on portraiture, that I found it difficult to get figure proportions properly executed. So, back to basics, in a way… Which brings me to the second reason. New pencils and charcoal! Oh, I’ve used charcoal before, but these were pencils rather than sticks. So, this week’s time was spent not only in practice, but learning some new tools.

These are from this week’s time in the studio. Started out with pencil, but moved to the charcoal pencils. Also for the first time, I found myself using the blending stumps more often. I’m sure there is a technique to them, but haven’t figured that out yet.

Nude Sketch 1
Nude Sketch 1
Nude Sketch 3
Nude Sketch 3

I may paint this last one once I am done here.

Charcoal pencil work, in process
Charcoal pencil work, in process

As always, thanks for stopping by!

More portrait work.

This one is approx. 8×10, oil on canvas board. Not sure why I continue to work so small. It does force me to think about each brush stroke though. So, learning even more with each one.

Again, thanks for visiting my blog.

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