Alla prima portrait

I put down the shovel today for a bit of studio time. Lots of yard work this summer.

It’s been since July that I had this opportunity. Was a day to simply relax and work my way back into the creative side. Working very small on this one, for me. Quite the challenge since I like to lay it on thick. 5×7, Oil on Ampersand panel.  Again, just great to have a brush in my hand today.

Oil on cradled hardboard
Oil on cradled hardboard

Thanks to faestock on DeviantArt for the reference photo.

And thank you for looking!

Walleye paintings

I thought I’d share a couple of older Walleye paintings, each done a couple of years ago, and are oils done on poster board. These were done as a temporary piece of artwork and never really intended for archiving. But thankfully, due to today’s technology, I can keep them around for many years electronically.

The Feed
The Feed

Doing these paintings takes me back, remembering my youth, watching outdoor hunting and fishing shows with my grandfather, uncles, father, and brother, and growing up in the wooded hills of western Pennsylvania . I love that part of this great country.

The Chase
The Chase

Fishing, for me, is a form of relaxation and release. Tensions and worry just seem to disappear, as it does when I paint. I have so many wonderful memories of fishing with friends and family, it’s no wonder I lean towards the water. But, truly, simply being in the wilderness itself is a thrill.

I can’t wait to do a series of wildlife paintings representing my love and respect for wildlife and “the great outdoors”… Hopefully soon.

As always, thanks for reading!


Portrait Study

Finally had some time to pick up a brush today. First time I dipped into the paints since May 4 of this year. Time just flies in the summer.

Another portrait study of a stock reference photo from Deviant Art. Spent about 3 1/2 hours on this one. Overall I am happy with it, but honestly, it just felt good to paint again.

Thanks for  looking.

Latest Commission

Just delivered this. It’s a surprise gift that a friend of mine requested of a family pet that passed away a year or so ago. I had several photos to work from, but this pose was the supposed favorite. Unfortunately it was a rather poor reference photo. But, I think with a bit of artistic license, I made it work.


20×16 oil on canvas.