Artist’s Statement

I had originally written and published this post called “Refueling the Passion”. But as I read it, it really took on more of a form of a statement about my love of painting, and my rekindled journey back into the studio. Please enjoy a look around, and feel free to comment.

With most anything in life, taking a break from common activity can shed new light and excitement in your world. However a break is one thing, but 10 years? It wasn’t planned, but that’s what happened.

I once wrote that one of the most important things in my life was to have my own studio. After achieving that goal, I spent quite a few years painting and drawing and teaching myself the art of oil painting. Somewhere along the way I lost interest. That was just over 10 years ago.

I don’t know why, I don’t have a clue. But for some reason I had finished a painting of our beloved family pet, and I never went back to the studio. I have blamed it on needing a rest, among many other things. I just didn’t have the passion that I once thought was a part of me forever. Perhaps I felt that I would never get better, and that I was not going to achieve any more in a painting than what I had just finished. I simply don’t know.


Early this year, 2012, I began to feel the urge to paint once again. Maybe it was the need for the feel of the brush in my hand, or just needing to express design and composition… getting back to being creative! Whatever it was, it was real and I needed to address it. I missed it!

Since spring of this year, I have been actively retraining myself in drawing and composition skills. Spending time sketching both with pencil and oil paints as often as I can, re-familiarizing myself with the colors and vibrancy of oils and experimenting with new colors, I have regained the fervor that once fed my drive and my dreams.

I love the outdoors, wildlife, and people watching. I am striving to get to a point in my artistic career to show the emotions that I experience with these affections. With this blog, I hope to share my experiences with you as I focus on my art that had once become lost, hopefully, back, and refueled endlessly now.

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