I am a self taught artist, occasionally taking a class with local artists whose work I enjoy and respect. With a lifelong passion for drawing and painting, I, like most all artists, see beauty in most everything in nature. I have a great affinity for the outdoors.

Oil paint is my medium of choice. However, I enjoy most all forms of artistic expression. Most of my work and approach is loose, and interpretive.  There are works of mine that are more “realistic” in approach, however, I prefer to leave the viewer of my art looking deeper into the art for details, without giving them.

Most recently, portraiture has become a passion. I am fascinated by the human, emotional, revealing side of life. Taking in what I can while they reveal themselves, be it good, bad, or indifferent, beautiful or unsightly, steadily pushes me to attempt to communicate their emotions within my works. Yes, I love to people watch!

Getting back into the studio after a long hiatus is refreshing! However with a full time career in engineering, time in the studio is limited. Perhaps the career was at the root of the long artistic discontinuity. But whatever the reason, I now have a powerfully new and energized passion for my love of artistic expression. The journey forward holds much in the way of study, accomplishments, and certainly, surprises. I look forward to the travel, and to sharing my world with you here.


1985 Judges Merit Award – Elkhart Art league Spring Show
1994 Second Place – Elkhart Art League Spring Show

Private and corporate collections.

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