Stage three. Today’s work.

I’m enjoying this. Slow and steady. Seems I learn and remember more when I don’t push myself too much. I tend to start making stupid mistakes. Hopefully with time, I can do more in one session. But for now, today’s update. Still working with the limited palette.


2 Replies to “Stage three. Today’s work.”

  1. I may have not been paying attention, how limited is your palette for the painting, Don? This last year I’ve done a few paintings with the Zorn palette, but slightly altered: Tit. White, Yel.Och, Cad.Red, Paynes Grey (instead of ivory black).

    1. On this one, I’m using a Transparent Oxide Red, Cad Red deep, Cad Yellow light, Ultramarine Blue, and Flake White.
      I really like the TOR. I use it almost always.
      My experimenting with a limited palette is my way of training myself in mixing. I get so wrapped up sometimes using so many colors, that my mixes become muddied. So this is a refreshing way to get back to basics… for me at least. I’ve had no formal training along these lines, so it’s kind of my way of forcing myself to understand color mixing rather than confusing myself with all the available colors that I can lay out there.
      I’m sure with time, this training will make it much easier for me to make decisions while mixing. But, for now, I am enjoying the fun and the challenge!

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