Morning Sketches

We, as artists, all know that good drawing skills are essential to good painting. So, as I find myself struggling to paint, or when I don’t have the time to get the paints out, I always come back to sketching. It helps me focus, and teaches me where I may be tailing off in the wrong direction when approaching the canvas.


These are all done with a 9B pencil, my favorite, on heavyweight 20 x 26 drawing paper. I have sketchbooks, but prefer the larger format. I can get up to three good sized portrait sketches on each sheet.


They are short in time to completion, not perfect, and generally running 25 to 45 minutes before having to stop. I do many of these first thing in the morning. It’s a time of day when I can focus entirely on my drawing, before the business of the day gets too complex.


I have many, but will only post a few for now, and new stuff as I can.


They are done from photos found on, where most of my sketching subjects come from. They are not a completed piece of work, rather a work to keep me understanding the fundamentals.


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