It’s been a while since I’ve posted. Not because I haven’t been in the studio. Quite the contrary. I continue to study and learn each time I enter the studio. These experimental sessions are not meant to be published artworks. Rather they are learning tools that I hang on my studio walls for my own critical review. I continue to play with color, values, and edges, just to understand their roles in each brush stroke.

Many times I walk out of the studio feeling good about a days work, only to be a bit humbled upon return. But, that’s okay! It’s good to see my mistakes, or misjudgments. How best to learn? I have some really horrid stuff hanging in my studio. I hate to look at them at times, because I can’t believe that I actually thought they were complete. It helps me to realize where I’ve been, in order to get where I want to be.

This painting, “Golden”, was a four hour painting session, done for our annual “guys fishing trip” coming in May. Many years ago, I was asked to create a chart for the trip. The chart has been used to track our daily catches, weather, and many fantastic fun moments. Over the years, the chart has developed into an artistic challenge for me. I really have taken this chart thing too seriously, but, why not? I love to paint! Sure a far cry better than some of the earlier charts done in marker.

This one is done like the others, oil on poster board. Yup, poster board. Toned acrylic gesso plastered on the board first, then oil over. Again, not intended to be a finished “work of art”. Simply, more experimentation with a purpose.

So, it’s back to the studio for more fun. I have a few concepts I want to pursue. Looking forward to the trip!

2 Replies to “Golden”

  1. I just discovered your work. I love the fish (I do a lot of animals myself, but not aquatic yet) and you’ve done some nice figure work as well. Also I enjoyed reading your posts. Curiously, I have a connection to your area (I’m originally from what they call Chicagoland). First a musician, I visited Selmer in Elkhart on several occasions, then in the 70’s did a slew of brochures (as art director) for Starcraft. It’s a beautiful area, and though I am now a vegetarian I can still taste those incredible frog legs dripping garlic and butter. Best wishes.

    1. Thank you for the kind comments. I happened upon your work while browsing through the art blogs. Your painting “Something Only the Hounds Heard” grabbed my attention. Absolutely love it. Figure work and wildlife are my two favorite subjects.
      Funny you should mention Starcraft. I am in engineering in the RV industry (which is why I don’t get to the studio as often as I’d like) and actually got my start at the old Starcraft in 1976. And yes, the area is beautiful in the fall. Unfortunately, the wind and cold will take care of that shortly.
      Again, thanks for writing, and take care.

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