Sketches January

I’ve completed my commission piece. But out of respect for the family, I will not post it yet. They haven’t seen it, and I’d certainly prefer they see the actual piece, before I do so. The piece is of a local businessman, a friend, and family man who passed away in late 2011. The painting was commissioned by a local community bank, which he founded. The bank has the painting now, but family hasn’t had the chance to see it yet. A private viewing will take place when they are ready to see it.
So, when timing is right I will post my efforts. Until then, I continue to spend what time I can, in the studio playing with color, sketching and painting with my favorite medium, oil. Here are a couple of my 3 hour sketches from the past week or so. I suppose I should explain that my full time career is in engineering, and I really don’t get much time to “play” like this. Weekends are about my only time in the studio. Otherwise, there would be many more sketches…

This one is from a photo taken from the reference library. 9 x 12, oil on canvas board.


And this one is taken from a stock photo from Tracie767stock on 12 x 9, oil on canvas board. I absolutely loved playing with this portrait. I feel it turned out pretty good, considering I almost scrapped the sketch three times before getting to this point. But, keeping with it, I was able to learn from mistakes and get the painting to a fairly completed feel. Again, these are just practice sketches. The whole intent, is to keep a brush in my hand, and to keep the ol’ hand to eye coordination in tune.



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